whataburger home delivery

Whataburger App For Home Delivery

whataburger home delivery

What could be better than getting a burger from Whataburger? Getting that burger, just the way you want it, delivered right to your home of office.

The Texas-based fast food change started trial runs on Monday using third-party delivery company Door Dash, which allows users to order food from restaurants via a smartphone app. Found here from itunes.

If Door Dash is new to you in North Texas, it probably should not be, they have all ready contracted with Taco Bell for the same type of home delivery.

Right now it’s just a small experiment to test customer demand. They found, once ordered, is supposed to get to you within 30 minutes. I’m not sure how my burrito supreme or my patty melt is going to be fairing 30 minutes after it’s cooked. Can you say, soggy? Maybe.

There is a delivery charge, of course. So, that Sausage Egg and Cheese Biscuit and Dr. Pepper you love that usually costs $4.75 is going to cost you about $9.75 … plus you would want to tip your delivery person.

We will see how this all works out for Whataburger.

Wayne Gooden

Wayne Gooden, Photographer

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