meet the neighbors in mckinney texas

Ways to Meet Your Neighbors in McKinney Texas

meet the neighbors in mckinney texas

Selling your home and then moving to a new neighborhood, city or state can be quite stressful. It’s important to get to know your neighbors for a lot of different reasons … safety, social, borrowing things, etc. Here are a few tips on getting out of your personal space and meeting the neighbors

1. Ding Dong

For all you type A’s out there, walking over to the neighbors and knocking on the door to introduce yourself may not be a big deal. For others, this activity may be closely related to a root canal. Take baby steps. Wave to your neighbors or say hello while on your walk around the block. When you do take that trek up to their front door make sure it’s not during dinner time or when they are trying to get their toddler down. Nothing more impressive than waking up the kiddo they have been working with an hour. Also, if you are going over on the weekend and you are an earlier riser curb your enthusiasm until after 10 am.

2. Personal Note

Hey, a note might do the trick. Handwritten notes trump an email any day. You might pay them a complement on their yard or flowers. A brief intro to say … “we’re your new neighbors.” I would not leave a resume or a dissertation on why you moved, just a simple “Hello, glad to be here.”

3. School Drop Off

In McKinney, the school drop off or pick up seems to be a great time to see if you neighbor is sitting in the line for the wait. If  your kids ride the bus, that time when Moms and Dads congregate at the pick up would be a opportune moment to meet and share a greeting.

4. Ball Fields

If you have an active lifestyle that involves sports, then the ball fields would be a great place to meet the neighbors. On any give night in McKinney, you will find many, many folks watching games or participating in soccer, football, softball, baseball … you name it. Pull up some bench, watch the game, and start up a conversation. Before you know it, they will be showing you the pictures of all their kids or grandkids.

5. Church

In McKinney, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a church. I would not necessarily try throwing a rock at a church, but you get my point. You could spend a good 6 months visiting local churches in the area. Believe me, if you want to make a neighbor connection to your community quickly … attend a church service or two. Now, you have to fill out the little card to let them know you are friendly and want friends … but this seems to work for a lot of people

Bonus: Life of the party

Once you’ve made a few connections, team up to host a neighborhood block party. Volunteer to handle snacks and other logistics, and ask your more-established neighbors to spread the word. Pick a seasonal theme — hot dogs and lemonade for summer, cookies and warm cider for fall — and spend an afternoon meeting new friends and getting the inside scoop on the best places to eat and play near your new home. Before you call it a day, pass the torch to another neighbor and make the block party a new tradition.

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