Things Buyers Look For In A Home Purchase: Countertops

Showing houses in my McKinney Texas market, there are some pretty common things that home buyers look for in a home. Curb appeal, Open concept, Bathrooms, Kitchen and the all important Countertops. Nothing turns a buyer off or opens sellers up for an immediate lower offer than dated countertops.

If your house is over 10 years old, you need to seriously consider what your countertops look like and more importantly … what they are made of. So, if you are looking to raise your home value or you are looking to remodel anytime soon, you might want to take a look at the most popular countertops being used currently.

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Quartz is a natural mineral. It’s easy to take care of because of it’s scratch resistant qualities. Quartz does not need to be sealed, has a long lifetime, and comes in a variety of colors. If you want a natural mineral and you want to stay away from granite. Quartz may be a good choice for you.


Poured Concrete

If you are looking for a natural organic look, poured concrete may fit the bill. It seems because of the shear strength and weight of concrete, it should be an easy keeper. Not necessarily so. Concrete needs to be sealed to prevent stains. In fact, it will need to be sealed more than once. The qualities of poured concrete is that it can be tinted to any color, poured into any shape, and it gets better looking with age. Concrete is heat resistant, but the sealer is not … so hot pots and pans should not be placed directly on the concrete. Concrete, I would say, requires a bit more maintenance but is a very desirable option.


Stainless Steel

Classy and modern are the two words that come to mind when I see stainless steel. These counter tops are resilient to water, heat and germs. They are susceptible to scratches, dings and finger prints. Other than some polish, these countertops have very little maintenance.


Recycled Glass

If it’s green you desire, the environmentally friendly recycled glass may be a good choice for those who are not budget conscious. Many colors and options are available and with a life expectancy of 50 years you would have many years of beautiful usage.



Butcher Block

Depending on your design tastes, butcher block will offer you that elegant yet casual look. It’s soft surfaces will require some maintenance. Butcher block counter tops will need to be sealed and oiled about once a month. The negative about butcher block is that if you do not maintain it properly, it will dry and crack. Excessive water should be wiped up immediately. There are many kinds of wood available with various thicknesses. Butcher block is another well priced option.


Reclaimed Wood

If you want to be “the” super hero of the environment, you should consider reclaimed wood for your countertops. Reclaimed wood is simply wood that has been salvaged from older homes or barns that are slated for demolition. Reclaimed wood is a smart attractive option that is all the rage, right now.



This is a natural stone, quarried like granite. It’s a softer surface composed mainly from the mineral talc, but the varieties used for kitchen countertops contain more quartz. The color is naturally gray and will darken with age. Soapstone has a smooth matte feel and scratches can be sanded or oiled away.

If you are a home owner that is thinking about a remodel, for goodness sake take a long look at those countertops that you currently have and consider replacing them with one of these current and trending countertops. You will not regret it when you get ready to place your home on the market.


Yahoo Homes

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