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There’s a new home show on HGTV .. Open Concept. The pilot or premiere aired on Sunday afternoon at 1 pm. Not a good time slot for Cowboy fans, but the boys were playing eck and I grew bored with the commentary. So I went to my No. 2 … HGTV to catch the new show. HGTV says this about the premise of the show

Dallas sisters Whitney and Ashley are transforming family homes into chic masterpieces with smart, functional spaces. From custom built-ins in every room to one of a kind handcrafted furniture pieces, these creative carpenters make it their mission to give homeowners renovated properties that fit the whole family. And with eight kids between them, these crafty moms know just what it takes to get the job done on time and under budget.

My review of the show–

First off, the sisters, Whitney and Ashley are articulate, smart and know their stuff. Their timing is great with each other, fast paced banter is fun and playful. Their design challenge was to give this family an open concept in their living room. They did an excellent job. The thing that is truly amazing is that they crafted 16 different pieces of custom furniture that went in the home. Unfreaking believable.

The sisters also operate the website Shanty2Chic … which is also pretty good too!! An great thing that they offered were the plans to the dining room table that they built of this first episode. Oh, and the plans are free.

I consider myself a pretty good judge of these shows, my wife and I watch a lot of them on the weekends. This one, I hope, can stick around. I’m not sure they are going to be able to create 16 pieces of furniture an episode, but the entertainment value and technical aspects of the show are better than some who have already gotten a deal.

So, here’s to you Whitney and Ashley … I hope you get what you want. Looking forward to many episodes to come.


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