Iconic Texas Movie Set Scheduled for Destruction

Contrabando Movie Set

The “Contrabando” movie set which has served nine different movies, is scheduled for destruction this month. The set was built in 1985 for the Roy Clark movie, Uphill All The Way. Since then it was seen in nine different movies including Lone Star, Dead Mans Walk and Streets of Laredo. Park officials have informed the public that the buildings have become unsafe since a major flood in 2008. Prior to the flood park officials went to great lengths to sustain the integrity of the buildings, but in the long run these buildings were never constructed to remain this long.

Some of Hollywoods A-list have walked through scenes with the Big Bend National Park in the background. Sissy Spacek, James Garner and Sam Shepard to name a few. It was also the site of filming the Brooks and Dunn’s Hey Maria, music video.

Tourists have loved this “ghost town”. Finding the semblance of history and enjoying the majestic sky and mountains of Big Bend Ranch State Park. Officials have tried to board up the movie set many times, only to find the boards removed. Yes! It messes up the photos!

It’s sad that the Park can not find the money to restore the buildings, they just don’t make westerns like the used to.


Wayne Gooden

Wayne Gooden, Photographer

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