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richardson-texas-sunsetsWe moved from Pilot Point Texas to Richardson a few years ago. Don’t get me wrong, we love Richardson and our neighborhood. Richardson has some incredible trees! Old, huge trees, so beautiful. What I miss is an unobstructed view of sunsets and sunrises. My place in Pilot Point was on a ridge east of town. I could see all the to Denton (approx 30 miles) on a clear day.

Now, I’m on a quest to find the best sunset photo location in Richardson, Texas. I can catch small snippets of the setting sun, but I’m looking for that unobstructed place where I can capture the whole enchilada. The photo that I’m posting today was shot on Christmas Day 2017. It’s a silhouette shot to frame the sunset. I chose this location because of the architecture of the building and I could see about a 15 degree angle of the sun. The building is distinctive and resembles a church or somewhat of a Moroccan flair.

It’s actually the UPS store on the corner of Coit and Campbell. Sometimes it takes a little imagination to get shot that tells a story. I shot this with my Canon 70D with a EF70-200 2.8 lens. ISO 250 1/800 70mm @ f/11. I chose the long telephoto lens because I needed a very narrow area in the photo. I have some wider shots, but they would have given away my location including houses, a light pole, and the parking lot foreground.

My plan for 2018 is to find the most interesting places in Richardson Texas to create some creative captures. Now, I’m not planning on just shooting in Richardson, but I am determined to make the place I live a coffee table landscape book or calendar. I’m setting up my travel plans for many other Texas locations for 2018. I am also planning a launch of a new webpage dedicated to photography. Tips and tutorials from everything from from newbie DSLR enthusiasts to hard core Photoshop and Lightroom users.

Wayne Gooden

Wayne Gooden, Photographer

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